Faraz Talatb

Faraz Talat

Faraz Talat is a medical doctor and the founder of the cultural space Cafe Sol in Islamabad. He is also a writer with numerous online publications on the subjects of civil rights, public health, and arts and culture. He is presently working in the psychiatric field, focusing on community programs that aim to make mental healthcare more accessible to the public. Seventy Four is his debut novella.


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Seventy Four


A Novel

by Faraz Talat
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A diabetic microbiologist turns 73 in a world that rejects the elderly, denying them healthcare in accordance with the draconian ‘Second Chance’ laws set in place after the Great Pandemic. When an opportunity arises to challenge this rule, her brother does whatever he must to make sure she lives to see her next birthday.



“A post pandemic story written way before the pandemic. A haunting little book about second chances, last days and human relations that survive the unsurvivable.”

Mohammed Hanif, author of A Case of Exploding Mangoes


“Any culture’s science fiction is its dream of what its future could be. Now we live in a global culture, and Faraz Talat’s Seventy Four shoots right to the heart of all our current fears and hopes. It’s an intense experience, poignant and memorable.”

Kim Stan Robinson, author of Blue Mars


“Scientists become saviors in times of plague, but their attempts to exert control over pathogens and politics go awry in Faraz Talat’s science fiction novella Seventy Four. Razia Ntikoladze, eminent scientist and Pakistani emigree, is locked in a race against a deadly new contagion and her own mortality; before she can save the world, she has to escape the colloquium’s merciless eugenics project. A daringly brilliant literary experiment which pits humanity against its own worst enemy—itself.”

Bina Shah, author of Before She Sleeps


ISBN: 978-969-7834-16-7
Edition: 1st
Publisher: Folio Books
Publishing date: September 25, 2020
Rights: World
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 70
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