The Communist Manifesto
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The Communist Manifesto

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The Communist Manifesto, first published in London in 1848, stands as one of the most influential and revolutionary political swathes of all time. Seeing global capitalism entrenched in its modern form of neoliberalism in the ‘90s, many of the world’s economic and political pundits started perceiving its triumph as permanent. It was only after another episodic crisis of capitalism hit the world in the first decade of twenty-first century that the perceptions started changing. Marx and Engels became relevant again. With the right-wing populism wave sweeping the world and the growth in appetite for alternative models, The Communist Manifesto has emerged as a work of great foreknowledge, a guiding light for people who want to fight economic imperialism and oppressive class structures.
‘As a force for change, its influence has been surpassed only by the Bible. As a piece of writing, it is a masterpiece’ — Guardian


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Publishing date: April 2018
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