This Side of the River


“Ahmed Rashid chronicles the history of a people, land, mountain and plain held hostage by relentless politics and uncaring time. Razor sharp and near perfect, the poems present an intriguing portrait of the man who wrote them. Rashid’s poems are as self-revelatory as they are distinctly humane, reflecting a purity of spirit seldom visible in Pakistani English poetry. From unguarded moments of deeply explored self-reflection to commenting on the tragic inner and outer landscapes of the self, Rashid’s work lies at the intersection of literature and politics as he sketches vivid pictures of the terrified fearful child, the hopelessly bereft mother, the blood and words of love spilled over hostile rock and sand. Rashid’s work is evocative, powerful and a splendid read.”
Navid Shahzad, Author, Academic, Actor
“Ahmed Rashid’s poetry encapsulates the genuine idealism of youth working selflessly for a cause while touching on the themes of loss, love and heartbreak in poignant and simple language: language that captures the immediacy of moments that are deeply personal to the poet and yet, like all good poetry, touch on the universal.”
Mehvash Amin, Poet


Publisher: Folio Books

Publishing date: 2022

ISBN: 978-969-7834-39-9

Binding: Paperback

Pages: 112

Rights: World

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