Rethinking Pakistan: A 21st Century Perspective

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“Rethinking Pakistan brings together some of the best minds of the country and invites them to reflect upon the most pressing issues that it is facing in all spheres – including politics, external relations, environment, human rights, gender relations, religious fundamentalism, education, freedom of expression … It is a most valuable collection that is highly accessible to everyone.”
Christophe Jaffrelot—Professor, Sciences Po; Author, The Pakistan Paradox

“Rethinking Pakistan is a wide-ranging analytical dissection of the Pakistani polity and offers a well-meaning, progressive prescription for present-day Pakistan, stitched together by an eclectic list of experts spanning diverse backgrounds and subjects. From energy self- sufficiency and scientific development to freedom of the press and the essential question of the dominance of the military over civilian affairs, this compendium offers a suitable guide for anyone who seeks to understand the striking mix of contemporary and historic challenges faced by Pakistan in the 21st century. A must-read on Pakistan’s contemporary realities and future prospects.”
Shashi Tharoor—Ex-Foreign Minister, India; Author, An Era of Darkness

“The book sets up an unfamiliar but authentic diagnostic mosaic of Pakistan that the state prefers ignoring. It collects and presents the genius that Pakistan sets aside, stretched out on its ideological bed of repeated blunders. What emerges is an intensely original view from the marginalised intellect the world recognises as Pakistan’s survival kit.”
Khaled Ahmed—Consulting Editor, Newsweek Pakistan; Author, Pakistan: The State in Crisis


ISBN: 978-969-7834-06-8
Edition: 1stPublisher: Folio BooksRights: World WorldPublishing date: March 2019Binding: Hardback

Pages: 368

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