A Lifetime of Dissent
A Memoir (Hardback)


‘As a public intellectual, I. A. Rehman devoted his whole life to the cause of oppressed classes. Besides campaigning against religious extremism and the violation of human rights, he actively participated in democratic movements, generating political consciousness in Pakistan and beyond. His work (and this memoir) is worth remembering in the days to come.’
—Dr Mubarak Ali, Historian and Author.


‘This book is a testament to how a seemingly modest man lived and sneaked his way to the status of a legend.’
—Amin Mughal, Scholar, Activist and Journalist.


‘As a young man, I. A. Rehman experienced the hopeful tumult of national liberation. For the next seven decades, he stood shoulder-to-shoulder with all those who sought to keep the dream of decolonisation alive. This memoir is a must-read for young people on the left today, a reminder that revolutionary humanism can and must be sustained unflinchingly for as long as one lives.’
—Aasim Sajjad Akhtar, Academic, Political Organiser and Author.


‘Rehman Sahib had the ability, like my father, to be at ease across generations. Witty, compassionate and a man with infinite patience, he would engage with unknown young people as much as his known contemporaries. What also astonished me was his ability to comment on the latest developments in art, poetry, theatre, medicine and constitutional law. His vision was far-reaching and always attendant to life around us. This memoir is a beautiful glimpse into the life of South Asia’s iconic thinker, journalist and activist.’
—Salima Hashmi, Painter and Artist


‘I was introduced to I. A. Rahman by his associate and admirer and my good friend Amin Mughal. Rahman Sahib’s track record as a legendary human rights campaigner and eminent journalist had made me curious about him. His balanced and dispassionate analysis of politics in Pakistan was invaluable. Every time he visited London, a meeting with him was a must. He was the toast of Indian progressives and diplomats who had served in Islamabad. To obtain an insight into his fascinating life, lucidly told in his own words, is as refreshing as it was conversing with him.’
—Ashis Ray, formerly editor-at-large of CNN


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Publishing date: October 2023

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A Memoir (Hardback)

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