Acing CSS
45 Books, 270 Takeaways Contribution by Top CSS Positions Holders and Experts


One of the biggest challenges a CSS candidate faces is developing a sound knowledge base of the most important sociopolitical and economic debates, multidisciplinary concepts and issues facing the world in general and Pakistan in particular. Overcoming this challenge not only requires thousands of hours of studying books, newspapers, periodicals and journals, but also needs significant financial resources. Even if someone is ready to tread this difficult path, there are not many quality books available in the market for CSS aspirants. In fact, the book shops and online stores are flooded with guide books having plagiarized content, shoddy editing and poor book design. This book has been created to solve this particular problem and has been tailored to the unique needs of CSS applicants. Immense amount of time has been spent in the process that involved complications such as choosing the relevant yet credible books to examine, thoroughly comprehending them and, most important, penning down the kernel of arguments put forth by the authors. Acing CSS contains the analyses of forty-five chosen books in the form of two hundred and seventy takeaways. With the aim to provide the young aspirants with original, authentic and diverse content, the book is inundated with scholarly perspectives on issues that matters to CSS aspirants.


Publisher: Folio Books

Publishing date: 2017

ISBN: 978-969-7834-02-0

Binding: Paperback

Pages: 260

Rights: World

Availability:  In Stock

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45 Books, 270 Takeaways Contribution by Top CSS Positions Holders and Experts

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