Mohsin Dawar, an influential and fearless voice in Pakistan’s contemporary politics, presents a collection of his articles charting the rise of the Pashtun Tahafuz Movement (PTM) and the National Democratic Movement (NDM). Framed with a new introduction, this captivating anthology dives into a world of conflict and social injustices. Dawar unflinchingly tackles topics of terrorism, displacement and the fight for human rights, presenting a nuanced understanding of these issues.


“The spectre of violence has marked the stunning landscape of Waziristan, denying its hardworking people peace and prosperity from the 1880s until now. All stakeholders need to hear and pay heed to Mohsin Dawar’s passionate voice and reasoned proposals.”
— Ashraf Ghani, Former President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan


“The author, a representative of the people of North Waziristan, reveals the devastating consequences of misguided policies of the Pakistani state that allowed terrorist organisations to flourish in the region.”
— Farhatullah Babar, Former Senator


“Mohsin Dawar boldly questions policies of the Pakistani state that have resulted in the rise of the Taliban and are responsible for many of Pakistan’s problems. Even those who disagree with his views will find that the questions he raises must be addressed before Pakistan can reimagine itself as a fully functional democratic federation.”
— Husain Haqqani, Former Pakistani Ambassador to the U.S

“This collection of articles helps engage with the sensitivities and political sensibilities of young Pushtuns in the tribal belt of Pakistan. Seen primarily from the terrorism lens, the world outside the area forgot to see the agony caused by decades of war in which the population was immersed deliberately… there is a lot we can hear and see in this important compilation.”
— Ayesha Sidiqqa, Author of Military Inc.: Inside Pakistan’s Military Economy


Publisher: Folio Books

Publishing date: January 2024

ISBN: 978-969-7834-60-0

Binding: Paperback

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