Pakistan, Institutional Instability & Underdevelopment
State, People and Consciousness (Hardback)


“In this seminal study, a leading practitioner in the field of economics has reached beyond the disciplines’ boundaries and cast a glow of spiritual humanism on it. He has brought heart to the ‘dismal science’ and thus given renewed vigor to his subject. This is the work of a master philosopher writing at his peak.”

Professor, School of International Service. American University. Washington DC. Author Journey Into Islam The Crisis of Globalization.


“Akmal Hussain places the ‘human’ squarely at the heart of ‘development’ and brings human consciousness into the developmental paradigm.”

Former Official of the International Labour Organization: Author. The Labour Movement in Pakistan: Organization and Leadership in Karachi in the 1970s.


“This elegant and wide-ranging study of politics and ideology transcends disciplinary boundaries and helps us to understand a new Pakistan’s history with unusual depth and clarity.”

Former Clinical Professor and Fellow of the Wilson Chair. University of Texas at Austin, Author, Judging the State Courts and Constitutional Politics in Pakistan


“What a gem of an analysis of the instability of, and in, Pakistan’s institutional architecture, and hence the State. A unique study of the interaction(s) between the various organs of the state… Brilliant and most insightful…”

Honorary Fellow, Downing College Cambridge.


“Akmal Hussain steers the reader expertly through the turbulent political and economic history of Pakistan by charting out the trajectory of institutional instability…A must read.”
Former Dean Faculty of Social Sciences, Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad.


Publisher: Folio Books
Publishing date: April 2023
ISBN: 978-969-7834-52-5
Binding: Hardback
Rights: World
Availability: In stock


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State, People and Consciousness (Hardback)

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