Politics, Economy and Society
Essays on Pakistan and Beyond


The defining characteristic of the ongoing century is that it is a century of crises. We’re living in times when most phenomena, paradigms and systems are referred to with the prefix ‘post’. The century of crises, in this sense, is a century of anti-climaxes, implosions and exhaustion. What are these phenomena, paradigms and systems that are experiencing descent? How are they generating a multiplicity of crises? And how are these crises, at many levels, mutually constituted?


This volume highlights and makes visible those connections amongst crises operating both at global and local levels. From the discontents of global capitalism to the limits of liberal democracy to the various facades of the climate crisis to the ruins of global governance and financial architecture, the book takes note of systemic failures and fissures. At the same time, the volume brings up the questions of alternative economic and political visions, indigenous feminisms and South-South alliances amongst others and thus takes note of repairs and reconstructions. Bringing together enterprising young thinkers, Politics, Economy and Society speaks to a wider audience of students, researchers and general readers.


‘Politics, Economy and Society, brilliantly edited and put together by Bilal Zahoor, Fahd Ali and Abrahim Shah, covers a range of critical essays on some of the most important twenty-first-century concerns. A very welcome addition to progressive literature, the book provides insights into the multi-pronged discontent thrown up by neo-liberal capitalism.’

-Kaiser Bengali, Economist.


‘An intriguing conversation amongst a younger generation of academics, activists and development practitioners on challenges Pakistan faces in a world confronted with tense global geopolitics and trials of nature.’

-Ayesha Siddiqa, author of Military Inc.: Inside Pakistan’s Military Economy.


Publisher: Folio Books
Publishing date: August 2023
ISBN: 978-969-7834-59-4
Binding: Paperback
Extent: 264 pages
Rights: World
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Essays on Pakistan and Beyond

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